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Health Considerations and Reporting Policy

Ensuring the well-being of your pet during grooming is our top priority at Groombuggy. We want to provide the best care possible, and that includes being aware of any medical conditions that may impact the grooming process. Here's how we address health matters:

Transparent Health Reporting:
We require that you share any relevant medical information about your pet with Groombuggy and your assigned groomer. This encompasses a broad range of conditions, such as heart, lung, neurological, or skin issues. Specifically, heart conditions require heightened attention during grooming.

Stress and Underlying Conditions:
We recognize that grooming can be stressful, particularly for pets with underlying medical conditions. It's important to acknowledge that grooming has the potential to unveil concealed health issues or possibly exacerbate existing ones, either during the grooming session or in its aftermath.

Groomer's Discretion and Pet's Well-Being:
Our experienced groomers are dedicated to your pet's well-being. They hold the authority to decline or terminate a grooming session if they believe your dog's health is at risk. This decision, though rare, ensures that your pet's safety remains paramount. In such cases, a minimum fee of $90, along with any services already rendered by the groomer, will apply.

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