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At Groombuggy, our hearts beat for dogs and the joy they bring into our lives. We understand that a well-groomed dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog means a happy owner. That's why we're dedicated to delivering a top-notch, stress-free grooming experience right to your doorstep.

What drives us?

Two simple things: spreading happiness among dogs and their owners, and creating rewarding careers for our team. We're on a mission to become the largest and most trusted dog grooming company in the U.S.

This ambition isn't just about profit; it's about impacting lives – both canine and human. By aiming high, we're providing our growing team with a platform for a satisfying, long-term career and a means to support their families. Together, we're creating something special – for our team, for our customers, and for every dog that comes our way.

Our beginning

Our journey began with an understanding of the challenges many pet owners face – finding a convenient, reliable grooming service that prioritizes low-stress experiences for their dogs. Simultaneously, we saw how groomers were searching for fulfilling career opportunities where they could grow and thrive. In response, Groombuggy was born. Starting as a modest family business in the San Francisco Bay Area, our roots are deep in care, quality, and community.

Today, we are thrilled to extend our personalized, high-touch grooming services to numerous communities across the country. As we grow, our commitment remains strong – to ensure every wagging tail and satisfied owner is a testament to the love and professionalism we bring to our work at Groombuggy.




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