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K9 Respiratory Illness

Groombuggy's Commitment to Protecting Dogs from the K9 Respiratory Illness

Comprehensive Pet Health Assessment

Our groomers at Groombuggy conduct thorough health evaluations, looking for signs of K9 Respiratory Illness before and during each appointment.

Exclusive One-On-One Sessions

No other dogs are present, minimizing any potential transmission of the K9 respiratory illness.

Sanitation Protocols

Groombuggy groomers meticulously disinfect all surfaces, tools, and even themselves between every grooming appointment, creating a clean and secure environment.

Daily Appointment Limits

In our dedication to your pet's well-being, Groombuggy limits daily groomer schedules to 4-5 dogs. This proactive approach reduces the risk of exposure compared to traditional grooming shops where the risk of exposure is much greater. 

Choose Groombuggy for a grooming experience that prioritizes the health and safety of your beloved canine companion.

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