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Muzzling Policy

In certain cases our groomers may choose to muzzle your pup duing an appointment. We understand this may raise questions, but rest assured, it's a measure taken with careful consideration.

Why Muzzling?

Muzzling is a safety precaution that benefits both your pet and our groomers. It's not intended to harm your pet; rather, it serves as a protective measure. In some instances, muzzling can even have a calming effect on a stressed pet, facilitating a smoother grooming process.

Always a last resort:
We want to emphasize that muzzling is never our first choice. We only resort to this measure if your pet's behavior indicates a potential risk. Our experienced Groombuggy groomers are trained to handle various situations, and muzzling is employed only when absolutely necessary.

Groomer discretion:
In the rare event that a pet's behavior remains unsafe even with muzzling, we reserve the right to discontinue grooming services. While we hope it never comes to this, your pet's safety and the safety of our groomers are our top priorities. Please understand that in such cases, no refunds or discounts will be issued.

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