Mobile Dog Grooming Jobs in San Francisco, CA

Day in and day out, our groomers combine their passion, skill, and deep love for animals to ensure every dog enjoys a grooming experience fit for royalty. If you're in San Francisco and share our dedication to the health and wellness of lovable, soft, cuddly dogs, then we would love to have you as part of our team!

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Benefits you'll love

Paid Vacation & Holidays

Because everyone deserves a break

Health, Dental & Vision Benefits

Your health and happiness matters to us

Weekly Bonuses

Rewards for your hard work

Competitive Pay

We value your skill and dedication

High-End Equipment

Only the best for our team

Weekly Payday

Regular income for peace of mind

Manageable Workload

4-5 dogs per day for quality care

Personal Preferences Matter

Sensitive to your preferences regarding dog breed, weight, age, health, behavior

Groomer-Centric Workplace

Support is always a call away

Dog grooming that’s fair for groomers

Wave goodbye to the relentless pace of conventional brick-and-mortar dog grooming and welcome in a new era of grooming with Groombuggy. Picture your workdays focused on grooming just 4-5 dogs, all while enjoying the backing of a 24/7 support team.

Here, you have the freedom to work with the types of dogs that best match your skills and preferences while building a strong book of repeat business, enabling you to sculpt a work-life balance that’s as satisfying as it is rewarding.

At Groombuggy, our mission extends beyond just happy dogs and satisfied owners; we’re dedicated to fostering enriching and fulfilling careers for our groomers.

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Meet Carlos

“Moving to Groombuggy from the shop environment has been such a blessing because I now have schedule flexibility, and the power to build a recurring schedule with the pets and people that I love. Also, Groombuggy provides me with a strong support system consisting of a bookings team, appointments coordinators, and experienced grooming professionals.”

Carlos Guerra

Dog Groomer, Groombuggy

Meet Katrice

“One of the things I absolutely love about Groombuggy is that it gives me the chance to work with recurring customers and build close relationships with them over time. It's amazing to see their pets grow and develop, and to be a part of their lives. The bond we create is truly special and makes my job even more rewarding!”

Katrice Buchanan

Dog Groomer, Groombuggy

We love our groomers!

5 stars
It’s a great work place and everyone is very nice and welcoming.

“I get to work by myself with cute dogs all day and I have a crew of people that will help me out if I need something. My manager is always a phone call away and I can call him for anything. He is very nice and always has good ideas/suggestions.”

5 stars
A wonderful place for Dog Grooming

“Working for Groombuggy has been an amazing experience, there is constant communication and they work with technology hand-to-hand. They look to help their employees grow and learn so that they can become a better version of themselves. I'm happy to say that Groombuggy has been one of my best experiences when it comes to work.”

5 stars
Very supportive management

“The management is very supportive and communicative. The other groomers are very helpful and kind. They offer great pay and benefits as well as opportunities for growth and overtime.”

Grooming by the numbers




5-Star Reviews


Passionate Groomers


Groomers lost to other grooming companies

Quarterly celebration at Groom-a-Palooza

Groom-a-Palooza is our quarterly in-person event – a time for us to gather as a team, share in our successes, enjoy delicious food, present well-earned awards, and pick up some new skills. This event is our chance to take a break from the road and let everyone know that their incredible contributions are appreciated.

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The joy of mobile dog grooming in San Francisco

Being a mobile dog groomer in San Francisco, California, is an incredibly rewarding experience on many fronts. San Francisco is renowned for its vibrant dog community, with numerous parks, green spaces, and dog-friendly establishments scattered throughout the city. From iconic locations like Golden Gate Park and Mission Dolores Park to hidden gems like Upper Douglass Dog Play Area and Hellman Hollow, there's no shortage of places for dogs to socialize, exercise, and play.

At Groombuggy, we pride ourselves on providing our groomers with top-notch benefits and a supportive work environment. With paid vacation and holidays, health and dental benefits, weekly bonuses, competitive pay, and weekly payday, we ensure that our team feels valued and taken care of. Our high-end equipment and manageable workload enable groomers to focus on providing quality service to our clients while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, our groomer-centric workplace recognizes and respects personal preferences, creating a positive atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

San Francisco's dog-friendly culture extends beyond parks to include many eateries where dogs are warmly welcomed. For example, Park Chalet offers spacious outdoor seating where patrons can enjoy a meal alongside their furry companions, while Toronado Pub provides water bowls and treats for dogs accompanying their owners. These establishments not only cater to human tastes but also prioritize the comfort and enjoyment of canine guests, reflecting the city's inclusive attitude towards pets. With such a supportive community and abundant opportunities for both dogs and groomers, being a mobile dog groomer in San Francisco is truly a fulfilling profession.

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