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Pet Behavior and Safety Protocol

One of our five company values is Safety. At Groombuggy, safeguarding the safety and well-being of both our groomers and your pets is our paramount concern. In order to maintain a secure grooming environment, it is imperative that all pet owners provide accurate and comprehensive information regarding any behavioral issues exhibited by their pets.Owners are required to inform Groombuggy of any instances of biting, past biting history, aggression, unpredictability, or other behavioral concerns displayed by their pets.

Failure to promptly communicate such vital information may result in the owner assuming liability for any ensuing medical expenses, compensation for loss of work, and associated property damages. This policy ensures that appropriate measures can be taken to prevent potential risks and guarantee the safety of all parties involved.While we endeavor to groom pets with a range of temperaments, we hold the prerogative to prioritize safety. As such, we retain the right to implement muzzling as a safety precaution when necessary, with the utmost consideration for the pet's well-being.

Pets demonstrating severe aggression or uncontrollable behavior may not be amenable to grooming within the confines of our mobile pet salon. Our groomers, who are trained professionals, are entitled to a secure working environment. In situations where a pet's conduct endangers itself or our groomers, we may exercise discretion in terminating the grooming process. A fee will be assessed based on the progress of the grooming procedure up to that point.

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