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Matting Policy

Matting Evaluation:
Matting in pets' coats can be a challenge for you and your pup. In cases of minimal matting, no extra fee will be incurred, exemplifying our commitment to your pet's well-being.

Extended Grooming Attention:
Should matting necessitate over 15 minutes of dedicated care, an additional brush fee will be applied. This fee guarantees the meticulous treatment your pet's coat deserves. Dematting charges are $25.00 per 15 minutes.

Groomer's Discretion:
Our seasoned groomer technicians will evaluate the situation. If matting removal proves intricate or causes your pet discomfort, the groomer may temporarily pause the grooming process. You will be consulted before the groomer makes any decisions regarding trimming or shaving.

Option for Shaving:
In instances of severe matting, a shave-down may be recommended by the groomer. If a groomer recommends a shave-down and you opt out of it, the groomer is unable to perform other grooming services involving a bath and haircut. Unfortunately, there are no refunds or discounts in this scenario.

Risks Associated with De-Matting:
Matting heightens the possibility of nicks, scratches, and cuts during grooming. Moreover, restricted oxygen flow under mats may lead to skin redness, itchiness, irritation and even bleeding. Our team cannot be held accountable for any grooming-related injuries or consequences related to de-matting or otherwise.

Preventative Measures:
Our groomers are expert at coat maintenance. They are happy to provide tips and tricks about how to minimize or prevent matting between appointments. Feel free to ask your groomer about the best methods to maintain your pet's coat.

Severe Matting:
In cases of severe matting, mats may intertwine with the skin, potentially causing cuts. Nicks, cuts, or abrasions are particularly common in dematting these pups. We are not liable for these incidents.We greatly appreciate your trust in Groombuggy for your pet grooming needs. The policies above are designed to ensure your pet's comfort and safety, upholding the highest grooming standards. For further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.

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