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Sedation Policy

For the safety and well-being of your beloved furry companions, we uphold a firm policy of not accepting dogs for grooming if they have been sedated or tranquilized with prescription medications. This includes any prescription medication administered for grooming purposes or within 72 hours preceding our arrival for other reasons. We empathize with the concern of witnessing your dog's distress during grooming, vet visits, travel, storms, or separation anxiety. If your dog has been prescribed sedatives by a specialist veterinarian, we kindly request you to notify us before the scheduled appointment so that we can cancel the appointment. While medications such as Acepromazine (ACE), Trazodone, and Gabapentin are often prescribed with good intentions by family veterinarians, their use can have severe consequences. Acepromazine, in particular, can render your pet immobile while failing to alleviate anxiety. This paradoxical effect can lead to injuries, worsened anxiety over time, and heightened susceptibility to seizures, heart issues, and drowsiness.

We earnestly request that you refrain from requesting grooming services for your dog while they are under the influence of prescribed sedatives, even if in minimal amounts. Such medications hinder your pet's ability to stand and interact with us, making it challenging to gauge anxiety levels. Moreover, our grooming team is not equipped to monitor or address seizures, heart episodes, or overdose situations. We cherish our clients and value their well-being, which is why witnessing them unable to move or respond is distressing for both our team and your cherished pets.

We do provide an exception for CBD and Benadryl, but only if the owner has consulted a specialist veterinarian to confirm dosage and ensure these substances will not cause complications due to underlying conditions/medications. Disclaimer: we are not medical professionals, and this is not medical advice.

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