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We’ll contact you soon with a price estimate, appointment time, and we’ll match you with one of our experienced groomers. Please see below to learn more about what goes on before, during, and after your appointment.

1. Before the Glam Session

Parking Matters

Our vans are 8 ft by 19.5 ft and love a flat space. Please know that metered parking and parking tickets will result in an added charge. Check our Parking Policy here.

Prep your pup

We highly recommend a small stroll and flea check before the appointment to dodge accidents because there are added charges for accidents and fleas. Additionally, we require a leash hand-off when meeting your groomer at the van - safety first.

Cancel with Care

Please provide a 24-hour notice if plans change. Last minute cancellations will incur an added charge. No show? $100.00 fee. See full details here.

2. During the Glam Session

Meet Your Groomer

Please be present for the initial pet handoff and consultation. Use this valuable time to speak with your experienced grooming professional about your pup’s coat health! Keep your phone on at all times, we might need to call you. Action time!

Over Communication is Key

Share any special requirements, health, and behavioral details with your grooming professional. Dematting and deshedding requires extra attention and time so we do charge extra for moderate to severe matting – $25/15 mins. Get details here.

3. After the Glam Session

Pet Pick-up Time

Please be prompt for pet pickup – we love bonding time with our fluffy friends but it will incur additional charges. $25/15 mins. More details here.

VIP (Very Important Pup)

Request a recurring schedule with your favorite groomer by texting our team at 415-449-0000.